Hypnotherapy Supervision

Supervision is a collaborative process that provides you with an opportunity to focus on your learning, development, and professional conduct as a hypnotherapist.

Supervision offers you a safe, and supportive environment in which you are able to explore the many things that impact your work with your clients, with the aim of allowing you to serve both your clients and yourself in the best possible way.

Some examples of the things that the supervision process addresses are listed below however, as the supervision process is a dynamic one, the list is by no means exhaustive.

  • Review of your work with your clients.
  • Look objectively at your current practices and decision making when working with clients.
  • Consider areas in which you may want, or need, to develop and increase your skills.
  • Review and update your knowledge of best practice recommendations in the field of hypnotherapy.
  • Explore your personal development.
  • Increase your insights and personal awareness.
  • Monitor you personal wellbeing and its impact on your work with clients.
  • To create self care strategies.

I believe that supervision is most effective when it is a rewarding and enjoyable process. I feel strongly that the relationship between supervisor and supervisee should be one of safety, support, and encouragement, in which curiosity is encouraged.

I have trained in a variety of supervision models meaning that I can work in a flexible way with supervisees to create sessions that best meet the individual needs of each person. Whether you are a newly qualified therapist, or one with years of experience, together we can ensure that the supervision you receive meets with your changing requirements.

I continue to receive regular supervision as I believe it is an invaluable process that should be continue throughout ones therapy career for the safety and wellbeing of both client and therapist.

Please consult with your professional governing body for information regarding your supervision requirements.


Supervision Fees

One to One Supervision £50 per hour.