About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process between client and therapist, in which both you and I invest equal effort to achieve the results that you desire.  During hypnotherapy I will offer you my in-depth knowledge of the field along with a wide selection of techniques and strategies but, to ensure that you to get the most benefit from our time together, you will need to fully engage in the process in every way.

Hypnosis allows you to really focus your attention on a specific idea or outcome by engaging and utilising the help of your powerful mind.

By using various techniques along with positive suggestions, new thinking patterns can be delivered to the mind in order to facilitate change in your beliefs and behaviours.

During hypnosis you will be able to shut out some of the external stimulus that is all around us, and quieten down the ‘mind chatter’ that we all experience, in order for you to work effectively on steering your powerful mind in the direction that you desire.

People often report that they find their hypnosis sessions to be a very pleasant and often relaxing experience, although it is not essential for you to be completely relaxed to gain the full benefit of hypnosis – often people are a little apprehensive at first and this is perfectly normal.

Each of us experience ‘trance like’ states on a daily basis – when day dreaming, or when we seem to ‘drift off’ for a few seconds, or when completely engrossed in a film or a book. During hypnosis we induce similar states to enable your mind to be truly absorbed in the process.

During hypnosis you will always remain in full control. Your mind will only accept suggestions which are in your best interest – I can not make you do any thing that you do not want to do.  Contrary to popular belief you will at no point be unconscious or asleep!

If you WANT to make changes, then hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you.